Harmonica Pocket

Harmonica Pocket
Harmonica Pocket

Silly and sweet, The Harmonica Pocket is a young at heart duo from Port Townsend Washington. They have performed for busloads of children and their grownups in theaters, schools, libraries, and festivals nationally and internationally.

When The Harmonica Pocket takes the stage audiences are taken on a musical adventure filled with song, dance and even a bit of theatrics. Their highly-interactive shows get kids and grown-ups of all ages laughing, singing and moving in their seats.

Harmonica Pocket
Harmonica Pocket

The Harmonica Pocket presents dynamic performances incorporating unexpected props, acoustic instruments, hula hoops and spinning flags. Shows are sprinkled with wah-wah guitar, ukuleles, sweet vocal harmony, a looping pedal, percussion and of course harmonicas. If you’re lucky they’ll whip out their “Hinklehorns” – invented instruments which are part kazoo, part plumbing fixtures!

“Clever.” -Parenting Magazine

“Soft, clever and beautiful.” -New York Magazine

“An acoustic treat.” -Seattle’s Child Magazine

“Highly recommended!! Proof positive that you don’t need to be loud and crazy to hold a child’s attention. It truly is one of the best programs I have seen!”
-Monica Sands, Children’s Librarian
King County Library System

“The Harmonica Pocket put on a wonderful show at my library, fully engaging the audience of children and parents. I love a good noisy, flashy, high-energy show that has kids really jazzed up, but I also see such a need for the quiet, thoughtful, deliberate style that I first saw years ago in a Harmonica Pocket show and that has me inviting them back again and again.”
-Erin Ostrander, Children’s Librarian
King County Library System)

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