Olympia Family Theater

2015-16 Tour

Olympia Family Theater

Olympia Family Theater’s “On the Move” touring company performs in schools, libraries and other public or private places.  The performances are a great way for children to experience the joy, wonder and creativity of live theater.

“Shakespeare, Shake it Up!”

Do you think learning about the Bard is a “wild goose chase” or “much ado about nothing” and you can’t make “rhyme or reason” out of it? No worries- you’re already using Shakespeare’s words!  This lively, fast-paced show will “keep you in stitches” and introduce Shakespeare to all ages (K-8) in a fun format- showing how and why his works are still relevant today!

Pricing for Thurston County Schools*

  • Regular Price $450
  • Title I School $400

* An additional mileage charge applies for travel outside of Thurston County


Olympia Family Theater

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