CHIKIRI & the School of Taiko

High-energy Taiko ensemble with decades of experience holds traditional and progressive sound together to move listeners from heart touching gentleness to revitalizing brilliance.

School of Taiko

(Seattle Symphony’s) guest conductor’s biggest challenge was to present music that would not be eclipsed by the sensational drumming of CHIKIRI and The School of TAIKO that vibrated people and the lobby in equal measure as attendees exited the auditorium.”
– Jason Victor Serinus, Seattle Times

Students were wide-eyed throughout their performance, completely engaged during their short rhythm workshop, and very curious to know more about the musicians and genre.  It was such a joy to see them so enthusiastically respond to a type of music they’d never heard before, and I was so glad to be there to see our student body come to life in celebration of beautiful music.  It was very exciting and high-energy and our students and staff will be abuzz for the foreseeable future. We are grateful for this experience, as well as the change to express our thanks to The School of TAIKO for visiting our school community.
– Shelby Leyland, General Music Teacher, Lowell Elementary

“A high energy performance that included Japanese myths, a description of the instruments and audience participation gave our students an exceptional experience. Informative and entertaining, this was indeed an amazing experience for our students.”
Barbara McGee, Curriculum Director of Open Window School

School of Taiko
The School of Taiko

Experience entertainment by world-class Taiko performer Ringtaro Tateishi.  As the artistic director of the world famous Taiko Group “ONDEKOZA”, he has performed over 1,000 times in 26 countries, including at Carnegie Hall.  Ringtaro used to perform daily at EPCOT/ Walt Disney World in Florida and appears in a Discovery Channel commercial .

photo by Donta & Tero Patana
photo by Donta & Tero Patana