Bucketfillers – Kelly Nickel

Kelly Nickel, M. Ed., applies his years of teaching experience, his ability to engage and entertain children, and his mastery of effective instructional practices to bring to life Donald Clifton’s metaphor of being a Bucketfiller when we think, speak, and act. Children (and adults) easily grasp how the binary choice of “filling” versus “dipping” in someone’s bucket will affect themselves and others in either positive or negative ways.


Kelly’s presentations are multi-modal, using music, motion, and memorization to make the learning fun, active, and sticky. Through large-group assemblies, grade-level workshops, parent workshops, and staff development, Kelly helps drive positive change in human behaviors by increasing social-emotional intelligence through specific strategies to develop habits of character that include kindness, appreciation, empathy, respect, and resilience.

Plus he’s super funny, energetic and animated, and the kids absolutely love him. Kindness is simple, “Fill More, Dip Less!”