Eric Haines – Comedy, One-Man-Band

Eric Haines * Comedy Rocket
Eric Haines * Comedy Rocket

Eric Haines is a modern Renaissance man.  He is an award-winning comedian and multi-talented performer with amazing abilities as a one man band, singer, guitarist, banjo player, marionette puppeteer, unicyclist, juggler, and stilt walker.

A life as a one-man band, award-winning comedian and multi-talented performer began in high school for Eric Haines. After being paid to juggle at a birthday party, he began a career as a variety act that allowed him to avoid getting a real job for over 30 years.  Along the way he joined a circus, worked for theater companies, made a living as a vaudeville-style entertainer, actor, dancer, chicken mascot, singer and stilt walker, and got married and had two children.

In college he studied theater, dance and music, finishing with a degree in choreography and performance, and launched into an eight year run as a road comedian, averaging 50,000 miles per year to comedy clubs across the US and Canada.  In 2003, Eric dug deep into  his roots as a variety act, breaking from the comedy team he had been part of to emerge stronger than ever as a solo act, featuring comedy and funny music.

Highlights of his comedy career include having his comedy songs played on the Dr. Demento show and  the Mad Music Archive, opening for Weird Al Yankovic, Neal McCoy and Louie Anderson, singing on stage in 2016 at a Big and Rich concert, and having his comedy songs featured on the Dr. Demento Radio program. He also won the Northwest Comedy Competition, and has been featured in Time Magazine.

“You da bomb”
-Weird Al Yankovic

“Engaging, honest and heartfelt– you will love him.”
-Louie Anderson

“… the audience thought he was hysterical – and that means he did his job, and exceptionally well, if the laughs were any indicator.”
-Ken Pringle, (Las Vegas Comedy Festival review)