Greg Bennick

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Impact Presenter Greg Bennick
Impact Presenter Greg Bennick

Greg Bennick is FUNNY!  He is inspiring a young generation of students across the country to achieve excellence in their behavior and their all-important studies!

His INSPIRING CONNECTION comedy juggling show is all about how to reduce bullying. Students have so much fun while he explores ideas with them. Students learn about proper conduct in a way which is funny, engaging, and insightful.  He offers an unprecedented follow up process with schools which insures retention of information and putting the ideas of the show into actual use and action.

The SOAR TO NEW HEIGHTS show has a centrla theme that reading is an excellent way to elevate and educate oneself. It is presented with a core message that “being smart is cool!” The show is presented with juggling and lots of audience interaction, all tied into school/library dynamics and personal reading habits.

NEW for 2016/2017 = “SOCIAL MEDIA AND YOU” which is a fun look at social media and how we get absorbed into it too easily!  This is a great show for middle school students.